Run Like a Legend

The Run Like a Legend Program is inclusive and welcoming of all running skill levels.

Run Like a Legend provides educators with free run programs (4, 8, and 12-week run programs); in-school Legendary Crew Run coaches; and the option for Run Like a Legend Relay Days.

Children will build their running skills gradually over 4, 8, or 12-week programs. Manage these run programs on your own or have a Legendary Crew member coach your children each week. The weekly check-ins will encourage good running foundations like proper running mechanics, stretching, hydration, safety, and more.

The Run Like a Legend Relay Days allow for students to compete against each other in relay races. These relay races are managed by our Legendary Crew. Relay Days are a great wind-up to the run programs and a nice compliment to a Mini Legends Games Day.

Run Like a Legend is directed towards Kindergarten through Grade 6, just like our Mini Legends Program.

Halloween Howl October 29, 2023

Join us for this fun 5 km, 1 km or unique 5 km relay. Run 5km solo, 1km solo or put together a team of 5 who each run 1km for a relay team. Relay team members will each run our 1km course simultaneously and your combined times will create your overall team time! You will receive bibs, timing and fun Halloween snacks! This is a great event for school groups, families, track athletes and anybody wanting to run a fall 5 km. All abilities welcome. And, since it’s Halloween, costumes are encouraged and we’ll have a prize for best costume. Plus Halloween goodie bags for everybody!

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Run Like A Legend Downloadable Run Programs

Download the Run Like a Legend Programs for self-guided runs.