A legendary physical literacy program for children and youth.

The Mini Legends Program nurtures a love of physical activity and provides opportunities for children & youth to gain and practice important physical literacy skills; running, jumping, and throwing-type and life skills; cooperation, self-confidence, participation, and empathy. This program is provided in multiple settings: education, sport, and recreation.


MLP helps children become legendary.

Our Mini Legends Coaches can provide professional development for teachers and community leaders, so they can lead children through developmentally appropriate, inclusive and engaging activities.

Our Legendary Crew provides direct instruction to children and youth at schools, communities, camps and clubs. Let’s work together to help our children and youth become legendary!

Use Mini Legends as a resource to keep students healthy and active.

Mini Legends provides teachers with the resources to keep their students physically active. Whether you’re looking for a Mini Legends Coach to visit your school and facilitate a curriculum-based multi-day program, the Legendary Crew to run a one-day event or purchase our online plug & play program, MLP makes instruction easy for educators.

Our Legendary Virtual Lightning Bolts are 5-10 minute activities offered exclusively online. Our Legendary Crew “bolts“ into your classroom to deliver fun, high-energy and physical literacy-based activities from our program.