Mini Legends For Parents

Why is a program like Mini Legends important for your child? Now, perhaps more than ever before, physical activity is important for our children. MLP can help your child become physically literate and gain important life skills along the way. We’ll help your child become legendary.


Being confident in your skills and abilities to engage in physical activity.


Having knowledge of the necessary qualities that impact movement, and understanding the importance of physical activity, and the impacts it can have on your health and wellbeing.


Being enthusiastic and motivated to engage in lifelong activity.


The ability to understand the value of engaging in lifelong activity, and the impacts activity has on different aspects of your life.

Why Is Physical Literacy Important For Youth?

To be active for life, developing physical literacy at a very young age is essential! The attitudes and skills associated with physical literacy empower youth to take responsibility for their physical learning and activity, keeping them confident and motivated.


Are you a parent who volunteers for your kid’s extra-curricular activities? Perhaps you’re looking for a program for your community hall to keep the kids busy this summer? The Mini Legends Program can run sessions for community leagues, sports teams, summer camps, and other community organizations.

Like our school programs, we will work with you and your organization, and send trained coaches and professionals to engage youth in physical literacy skills and activities.