Mini Legends For Teachers

PE has never been easier! The Mini Legends Program is aligned with the Physical Education curriculum and meets Daily Physical Activity requirements. There are three options for your PE Program:

  1. Plug & Play Video Guide + Teacher Resource
  2. Mini Legends Coach-Facilitated Program (1-5 Days) 
  3. Mini Legends Games 
  4. Mini Legends Mobile Stadium 

Check out the details below and choose one or more program options!

Plug & Play Video Guide + Teacher Resource

K-6 Teachers can teach the program themselves by investing in these ready-made videos and teacher guide. It will no doubt save you time and energy in planning. The Plug & Play Program consists of 6 video lessons for K-2 AND 6 video lessons for Grades 3-6. It also includes a Guide for Teachers to follow along to, while leaving room for modifications and enhancements. Students enjoy the various activities while practicing their physical literacy skills. The program’s Legendary Characters; Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Hercules, Hermes and Zeus are a definite highlight for students and teachers love what they represent; Communication, Healing, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Strength, and Agility.

Coach-Facilitated Program

K-6 Teachers can acquire a trained Mini Legends Program Coach to teach in-depth lessons to their students. Coaches take each grade level through 1-5 developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons. Based on the tenets of developing physical literacy (running, jumping and throwing-type skills), the Mini Legends Program has shown to provide much more! Through our carefully designed lesson plans, this program nurtures a love of physical activity and also provides opportunities for students to gain and practice important life skills; cooperation, self-confidence, participation, and empathy.

Mini Legends Games

The Mini Legends Games (not to be confused with the Olympic Games 🙂 )  is a fun-filled day for your students (or your entire school community) to demonstrate their learned physical literacy skills. These Games can be run by an Athletics Alberta Legendary Crew or by your own staff. The Mini Legends Games takes the look and feel of the more traditional ‘track and field’ day and transforms it into a station-centered, physical-literacy events day. As an added bonus, Zeus may make an appearance at your school’s Mini Legends Games!

Mini Legends Mobile Stadium

The Mobile Stadium is a compact & FUNctional mini-unit that can accommodate 60 kids/hour. We bring the kid-friendly track & field equipment to you, set it up and run the 7 different activities that include; sprinting, hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put & javelin.

Program Details

The Plug & Play Resource, consists of 6 video lessons for K-2 AND 6 video lessons for Grades 3-6. Each video follows this format:

  • Legendary Greeting
  • Warm-Up Activity
  • Skill Development Activity
  • Legendary Health Tip
  • Mindful Cool-Down Activity

Program Details

The Coach-Facilitated Program, consists of 5 lessons for each grade level to create a full Mini Legends Unit Plan. That’s 35 lessons for K-6! Each grade level coincides with a specific Legendary Character. The Character Levels are as follows:

  • Kindergarten – Iris – Legendary Character of Communication
  • Grade 1 – Apollo – Legendary Character of Healing
  • Grade 2 – Artemis – Legendary  Character of Power and Mindfulness
  • Grade 3 – Athena – Legendary Character of Wisdom
  • Grade 4 – Hercules – Legendary Character of Strength
  • Grade 5 – Hermes Legendary Character of Agility
  • Grade 6 – Zeus – Legendary Character of Thunder and the Sky

To view the Mini Legends Characters, click on this link.

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