Tracy Lockwood

Managing Coordinator, Mini Legends Program

Tracy is a Physical Education Specialist with over 25 year’s teaching experience. Through her many years as a K-12 PE Teacher, HPE Consultant, Athletic Coach and Pro-D Facilitator, Tracy supports physical literacy & play across the globe as the owner of the international company, PLAY Education, and Region Operator of the DANCEPL3Y program in Alberta, Canada. Tracy works with thousands of people, from children to adults, inspiring them to learn new ways to be active, and develop physical literacy. Tracy is the Mini Legends Program Coordinator and as such, manages and administers the Program. She understands what teachers need to be successful in their delivery of phys ed.

Sophie Gelineau

Mini Legends Program Facilitator

Sophie is graduating this semester with a Bachelor of Art in Sociology. She has been on the track team for the last five years and has competed in the pentathlon, and the 4x200m, 4x400m and 4x800m relays. This year Sophie is one of the captains of the team and has enjoyed trying to come up with unique ways to keep the team connected during Covid-19. Sophie has also worked at the Green & Gold University of Alberta summer camps the past two summers.

Tanja Vucenovic

Mini Legends Program Facilitator

Tanja is in her final semester of elementary education at the University of Alberta. She has worked with a variety of diverse students through volunteer and work experience. She has a passion to inspire others to be physically active and healthy for life.