It was GREAT to have the chance to introduce you to the Mini Legends Program!

Thank you to the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association for having us!

Mini Legends is SUCH a great chance for kids to experience physical literacy in a fun way and SUCH a great way for us to support your PE and curriculum needs. And Run Like a Legend is a wonderful way to get your students running!

Like we spoke about, there are a few ways to access the Mini Legends and Run Like a Legend programs:

– You teach the program yourself by investing in ready-made videos and teacher guide. Simple plug’n’play and easy to use.

– You engage us to go to your school for 1 or more days to deliver developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons to your students, by grade.

– You engage us to bring the Mini Legends Games to your school for a whole day of track and field fun.

– You engage us to bring the Run Like a Legend program to your school or use our run programs in your PE classes.


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